My Approach

We all can use support in our lives to help us go farther. And that is where my commitment to you comes in. My approach includes three key components to create a successful health journey.


Embrace Uniqueness

We are all inherently unique. And that is why there is no single action plan or diet that works for everyone. Together, we’ll work hand in hand to help you achieve optimal health. You will get an understanding of how different areas of your life are connected and dependent on each other. What you will get out of my program are long term and sustainable lifestyle improvements.


Active Coaching

Think about coaching in any sport. The coach helps the team to strategize and plan, but the players (you)  implement it. Health coaching is similar. Each of our sessions will result in actionable steps so you can start to see changes immediately.  The goal is to build upon your progress throughout the program.


Focus on the Good

In our sessions, we will focus on adding in good habits versus only looking at cutting out the bad habits. When making smarter and healthier choices become second nature, you will begin to crowd out the bad.  This is  known as the ‘crowd out’ effect.